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Dorota and Jarek – we are a young-spirited couple that showcases the world from the perspective of four elements: water, earth, air, and… taste buds. We are enthusiasts of independent travel, nature, cuisine and wine, as well as diving and trekking. We love photography, shooting and editing of films. We are the authors of the popular Polish travel blog Szalone Walizki (Crazy Suitcases).

Our followers (110K) on Instagram (31K), Facebook (71K), and YouTube (7.6K) are mainly an active group of women (83%) aged between 25-34 (31%) and 35-44 (35%), residing in the largest Polish cities such as Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, Łódź, and Wrocław. The blog is read by up to 500 K people a year.


To create content, we utilize our passion, knowledge, and experience, as well as professional, high-quality equipment: Sony a7 IV, Sony a7C, Sony ZV-E1 cameras, Sony lenses, DJI Mavic Air 3 Drone, and for filming and photography underwater, a Nauticam housing, in which we use the full-frame Sony 7C, along with lighting from the leading Canadian company, SolaVideoPro.

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when and how
we create?

Every year, we embark on several journeys, ranging from short to long distances. Due to our age, we value quality and comfort, so we seek out the best hotels, restaurants, and reasonably priced flight connections. We love being in touch with nature, which is one of the priorities in our choices.

At times, we are backpackers, but when we feel the need, we opt for comfortable resorts with infinity pools, meaning we feel equally at ease in a luxurious hotel as we do in a tent.


However, we also dedicate a lot of space to hotels, restaurants, cuisines from various countries, wines, and vineyards. We also share tips on the clothing and equipment we use during our travels and at home. Quality and weight dominate here, along with an increasing preference for minimalism. Jarek’s great passion is diving. He films and photographs the underwater world, so you can also find accounts from this least explored corner of our globe on the blog and YouTube.

Our first and most beloved project is the blog, where we write guide articles about travel organization.

social media channels

Essentially, we use three communication channels where we are constantly present and engage most frequently with our community. These are Facebook, which is more appreciated by mature individuals, where we have the most followers, including those who have raised children, have the time and money to enjoy life, and thus often follow in our footsteps. Our photographic travel accounts are most eagerly received here.

On Instagram, not only posts or reels but also Stories serve as a space for exchanging messages, discussions, and jokes. We love this community and learn a lot from it as well. We also love YouTube and the people who visit there. Sometimes they ask for travel advice, and other times they share their feedback on our work. It’s our youngest, smallest, but quickly growing channel, probably because we devote a lot of time and heart to it.

what kind of collaboration
do we value?

After years of creating and executing numerous marketing activities, we know that we feel best when creating blog posts and YouTube videos, while simultaneously talking about places, products, or services on Facebook or Instagram.

We achieve the best results when clients trust our experience and creativity, when we have the time to showcase what we are currently working on in the best possible way.

We also value long-term collaborations and appreciate quality and good brands that we can remain loyal to for years. You won’t see us recommending competitive products within a week, which unfortunately is the norm in the actions we observe on social media. We simply aren’t advertising pillars, and the trust of our followers is paramount to us. If we recommend something to them, we have to be 100% convinced ourselves.

Apart from collaborations, we love to travel, share emotions, and spread the joy of life. And that is the essence of Szalone Walizki (Crazy Suitcases).


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